Why Even Stage?

Home staging is not mere decorating or decluttering. It is so so much more! In this digital age, Home Staging is an all-too- important marketing tool that no savvy Realtor or Seller should ignore. According to RESA and NAR, 97% of today's buyers first look online; even before they contact their agents! Great Home Staging ensures great online listing pictures, attracting more buyers, more foot traffic to the home, fewer Open Houses, quicker sale and more money$$$! At Isha Home Staging & Interiors, we work with you tirelessly to make your property look beautiful & show-ready! We transform your house into a turn-key home; buyers step in and imagine themselves living in instantly! We use marketing and emotional connection points to appeal to broadest set of buyers.  By employing creative Staging techniques, we target your specific buyers demographic highlighting your Home's best features and downplaying the negatives. Our cost-effective yet powerful Home Staging will help sell your home faster and for top Dollars$$$

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A Word To The Sellers-

Staging helps create fantastic first impression on the Buyers. Don't leave that to chance!

The home you are selling is probably your biggest investment and you most definitely want to sell in the least amount of time and get as much money as possible. In this digital/internet age, 97% buyers check the listings online. Great Home Staging ensures great pictures, which are the first introduction of your house to the buyers. Professional Home Staging sets your home apart from your competition. Today's buyers do not want to waste time and energy in a property which is not a turn-key, move-in- ready or does not show well; they quickly move on to the next one. It's really imperative that sellers put their best foot forward right from the beginning and not cut corners when it comes to selling your biggest investment. Many sellers think- "my home will sell anyway, why stage," well, It will but the more important question is "at what price and when?' There are NO second chances to the first impression! You must not let your property get stale and instead MARKET and MERCHANDISE your property in the best light possible with Isha Home Staging services. Trust us investing in proper Home Staging will always be much less than your first reduction! Do the right thing and don't leave your hard earned $$$ on the table by not Staging your home before listing! 



A Word To The Realtors-

As realtor, you have to wear many hats. It's a lot of work to say the least! Once you get the listing, you are probably giving general advise to the sellers on how to prepare the home for the showings & open house. However your client may not even take your advise seriously or worse yet, take them otherwise..they may take it as a negative judgement on their lifestyle or decor choices. This is avoidable and we are here to help you do the job you are best at- i.e. selling the property. Let the Staging expert handle the right presentation of the property.  As Trained & Certified Home Staging Expert, we work tirelessly with utmost respect with your clients; we're your mouthpiece; a part of your team; working in your & client's best interest. We help you prepare, present and market the listing in its best possible light. Proper Home Staging is an imperative part of the overall marketing strategy; it is simply merchandising the product before selling. Let your listing get sold, not old with Isha Home Staging! Call us today at 703-209-5943 to book our consultation for your upcoming listing.