Real Estate Home Staging Consultation Service- Starts at $299 (Complimentary service when you list with us)

We provide Real Estate Home Staging Services to fit every budget. Our Trained & Certified expert will meet you at your property to assess its Staging needs and discuss your budget, expectation and how to receive the maximum return in minimal time. Our verbal consultations for Condos/ Town homes starts at $299 to help you prepare your listing in its best light possible. We will guide you through the home staging process while walking through your home, taking pictures and gathering those all-important first impressions. You will get a custom, comprehensive, room-by-room, proprietary format report within 24-48 hour. Based on our initial assessment of the property- this report will include suggestions on- 

  • Curb Appeal

  • Furniture Rearrangement suggestions

  • Removing, Editing, Depersonalizing and De-cluttering advice

  • Advice on Maximizing space

  • Tips on Drawing buyer's eyes to the architectural details/ positives of the house

  • Tips on distracting the buyers' eyes from the drawbacks

  • Lighting

  • Deferred maintenance Issues

  • Additions to the space such as art work, accessories, and furniture to accentuate the property for maximum great first impression

  • Specific Wall Paint recommendations

  • And much more

  • This one- on- one and comprehensive written report starts at $389 depending on the size and scope of the property. This can take anywhere from 3-4 hr.

  • If you are on a budget or a DIY-er, but could use our professional expertise, you can choose our Consultation Only Service. The Verbal only consultation starts at $299. We walk-through your property; make necessary recommendations to best prepare and present your property; you take notes.

  • We're always happy to help you through emails, face time or phone too.

Full Day Occupied Home Staging & Showcasing Services- Designed to sell (Complimentary service when you list with us)

Our Trained & Certified expert will assess your home and its staging needs for a speedy and successful home sale. Along with the aforementioned comprehensive report with our top recommendations, we would work alongside with you. While you finish the recommended Pre-Staging steps to get your home show- ready, we would come back for a full day On-Site Staging and Styling, making dramatic transformations to  your property which will appeal to the broadest range of buyers. We will transform your home using what you already have and also bring in additional art, accessories, furnishings as per the specific needs of your house.

We'll be there with you through the entire preparation process until the Open house. Unlimited Phone and Email support is aprovided throughout the Staging process.

Staging Shopping & Sourcing Services

 If you don't have the time or desire, we will shop for the hard or soft furnishings you need to make your property buyer and photo ready. You can also buy or rent from us for a nominal fees. Many of our clients choose to take benefit of our amazing Designers discounts at the biggest retail and online stores that we are affiliated with.

Please note that if you have different needs or expectations, please do not hesitate in asking us. we would be happy to customize our services depending on your needs and budget. Please call 703-209-5943